Belted Plaid, Feile Breacan and Sporran

As a wearer of the Fèileadh Breacan or Belted Plaid and Highland style Sporan (sporran) every day, I can supply the belted for the groom and the Arasaid (the womens' version of the great plaid) for the Bride and Maids, including Ladies' and Lasses' Sporans. For the men's and women's plaids I also have Plaid Brooches and Kilt Pins.

The Fèileadh Mòr, or big belted plaid

(Note: These are NOT Kilts. See Below)
The Fèileadh Mòr / Big Belted Plaid The Fèileadh Mòr / Big Belted Plaid The Fèileadh Mòr / Big Belted Plaid The Fèileadh Mòr / Big Belted Plaid

The Fèileadh Mòr were the forerunners to the modern, military-inspired kilt and Highland formal wear (aka Bonnie Prince Charlie outfit). The belted plaids differ from the kilt in that they are not stitched, but simply a large piece of cloth wrapped in a special way (I show you how this is done). The lack of sewing in them means that they are considerably less to purchase than a kilt: £150-300 in Clann colours. A kilt is 300 pounds and upwards.

Some plainer, non-clan plaids are available to rent from me for about 30 pounds. If you are looking to wear traditional dress for your wedding, talk to me, without obligation, and I can advise before you spend money. Note: Plaids are only supplied to clients where I am attending the wedding in Celebrant capacity.

The Arasaid

The Arasaid is the womens' belted plaid (pronounced "ah-rah-sedge"). It is tied verra like a man's great plaid. Here is pictured a Fraser of Lovat worn with a skirt and blouse. The upper 'shawl' can be worn in a number of ways. (A Lasses sporan can also be seen, in brown).
Note: Plaids are only supplied to clients where I am attending the wedding in Celebrant capacity.

Arasaid The Arasaid The
Arasaid worn three different ways (and there are more!)
The Arasaid
Glen and Jeana's handfasting renewal of vows, Fèileadh Mòr and Arasaid

Sporanan / sporrans

renaissance style sporan / sporran renaissance style sporan / sporran
sporran sporran handmade in scotland

A sporan is for life, not just the wedding!
~ These sporans are intended for everyday use, so they're well made.
~ They are handcrafted, in the old way, using only hand tools.
~ Each one is unique, made to order with your custom colours and finished with Welsh Silver Celtix Beads by The Celtic Bead Shop.
~ By comparison to small Victorian "Dress Sporans", I make them in large or medium capacity.
~ There are two costs of Sporran. The single coloured medium sack/front (as in the brown or black above and below) and multi-coloured sack or in larger capacity.
See Prices on the Exchange page

unique handmade sporan unique handmade sporan unique handmade sporan

Sporran belt loop or chain-strap rings?

There are two ways to attach a man's sporan:
~ By the belt loop (shown left and centre below), normally worn on the hip or to the side,
~ By the rings for a standard chain-strap available in any kilt shop (similar to right below).

Besom Belt loop Chain

Ladies' and Lasses' Sporans

While, the sporan is traditionally worn by men, there's no reason why the lasses can't partake. All my sporans are suitable for either, but subjectively this grey suede seems more feminine, for example. There's no difference in their features, but you can request details and colours that suit. The Lasses sporan comes with an attached, adjustable plaited strap (below).

sporran sporran in suedesporran in suede

Brooches and Pins

The Brooch pins and brooches The

For a Feileadh Mòr / Arasaid a brooch is required, at the breast. The brooch is a penannular type, made to hold a wool cape closed and is therefore stronger than a jewelry / decorative brooch. I keep a few in stock because they are difficult to find.

Note: My stock of kilt pins is very small. Some have semiprecious stones - Agate, Malachite, Lapis and Moonstone. When ordering from me, you can specify in the comment box your preferred stone, but no guarantees! Order from the Fees page.

Keeping it Celtic

The pins and brooches come from our small Celtic sister nation, Kernow. They are made by St. Justin Pewter. The sporan beads are also from a Celtic nation, Wales. Keeping it Celtic!

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