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Scot AnSgeulaiche,  conducting a HandFasting Wedding Ceremony in the 
Scottish Highland tradition Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Scot AnSgeulaiche, traditional wedding Tale at Borthwick Castle

Tha mi a'chuir fàilte Oirbh! I welcome you! My name is Scot AnSgeulaiche. As a Scottish Tradition Bearer I provide three wedding services: Handfasting Weddings, Master of Ceremonies and Traditional Highland Storytelling. As I live in Scotland, I bring living culture from the Highlands, including traditions such as Jumping the Besom (broom) and GĂ idhlig (Gaelic) poetry. Many of my couples come from Canada and the US, as well as England and Scotland.

Much of my work is within Scotland (we live in Perthshire), but I also travel anywhere in Britain and Ireland.

Of course, I can advise on Highland dress and my wife, Samantha MacKenzie, and I have even delved into Scottish wedding traditions to create wedding favours and gifts with a nod to the tradition.

A video to give you a feel for my handfasting ceremonies and wedding Tales.

Short Descriptions of what I do:

A handfasting Handfasting
Hand Fasting is a form of marriage or vow-renewal ceremony during which the hands of the couple are tied. It is a strong symbol of joining. I uniquely create and perform each ceremony around the couple. Ceremonies can be created for civil parterships or betrothals (LGBT welcome). I conduct up to 15 hand-fasting ceremonies a year, and no more. More details on the Hand-Fasting page.

Scot AnSgeulaiche, Master of Wedding Ceremonies in the Celtic / 
tradition working alongside wedding entertainment and music. I am a 
Seanachaidh, or clan bard / 
Highland Storyteller and keeper of Highland customs and blessings (in 
Gàidhlig, Scots and English) 
and as such offer HandFasting Ceremonies, Jumping the Broom / Besom. Master of Ceremonies
As Fear an Taigh (Master of the House, host), I bring an organised flow to the reception for our guests, introduce the speeches and share Scottish customs at the wedding breakfast. This again is done in the Highland tradition. More details on the Master of Ceremonies page.

borthwickWedding Storyteller
Traditionally, the clan Seanachaidh (historian / storyteller) would regale the company during the festivities with Tales of weddings past, the families, their history and so on. It still works today! More details in the storytelling section.

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